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How To Save For The Down Payment On Your South Florida Home

This is a great time to think about buying a South Florida home. Home prices have dropped and interest rates are at all time lows. The biggest hurdle for many South Florida  home buyers is saving money for a down payment.

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Would You Rather Be People-Savvy or Tech-Savvy?

Last week, I was inspired by MarketingCharts.com to write aWhy Newspapers Are Like Cemeteries.a This week, they piqued my interest yet again with research that showed Americans would rather be people-savvy than tech-savvy. Itas undeniably interesting, but how is it relevant to real estate? Well, it brought up a very important point to me a our industry is one of a group that requires people to be both.

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4 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

Gone are the days of high school when your areputationa was built with whispers and torn slips of binder paper. These days, youare a professional adult, with a very different set of rules to follow for reputation management. True, word-of-mouth is still important in real estate, but you simply cannot ignore the Internet, where more and more people are looking for an agent/broker.

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4 Tips to Protect Your Brandas Online Reputation

Have you Googled your brand lately? Did you like the results you saw? Having negative search results appear in the top 10 results of Google can be very disconcerting for a brand. It affects the sales funnel from initial organic click to sale. There are two main phases of online reputation: prevention and crisis.