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Why Choose A RE/MAX Agent When Buying A South FL Home

With an investment as large as a home there are many things to consider when choosing an agent to represent you when buying a South FL home. Market trends, area information and government programs should all play a role in the decision to buy.

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Better Real Estate Techniques a Learn from the Experts for FREE!

Staying up-to-date withindustry news while keeping your competitive edge can sometimes be a full-time job in itself.

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6 Ways to Grow Your Email List

emailYou've heard that email marketing is an important way for real estate agents to generate leads. Unfortunately, a piece of the puzzle is often missing: a solid list of people to send your emails to! Here are a few ideas for growing your email list so that you can take advantage of email marketing campaigns.

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Real Estate Marketing: Burn the Churn

Iave heard that 80% of the times, realtors donat get called again to list the same home they helped their (happy) clients purchase. Sure, lots of things happen in those five or so years. People forget your name, forget your brokerage, get a hot tip at a back yard barbecue about the hotshot realtor who helped them fetch top dollar, or just the messy details of life conspire to wipe away your name into the churn bucket.