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Peninsula I Aventura

Peninsula I Aventura

Peninsula I Aventura Condo address
3201 NE 183rd St, Aventura FL 33160

About Peninsula I Aventura Condo

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RealtorsA(R) Praise FHFA for Issuing Short Sale Approval Guidance

WASHINGTON (April 18, 2012) a The National Association of RealtorsA(R) applauds the Federal Housing Finance Agency for issuing new guidance requiring servicers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans to speed responses to short sale requests.

The guidelines would require servicers to acknowledge receipt of short sale purchase offers within three business days; respond to short sale requests within 30 days (with a possible 30-day extension); and make a final decision within 60 days of receiving purchase offers.

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7 Ways to Convert More Internet Leads

You spend a lot of time and effort on your social media campaign, your blog posts and your tweets. You invest a lot of money in sites that promise good leads. And yet, the conversion rates on the leads you get still aren't great. This is because you haven't optimized your web presence to create relationships with your prospects. They simply don't care about you by the time you contact them. In fact, they never really cared about you at allathey just cared about the information you had to offer. And that's not their faultait's yours.

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5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator

We've published several articles recently about agent ratings and other opportunities to boost your online reputation. Today, we'll discuss another important (and free) way to market your professional skills online: LinkedIn. Unlike Pinterest (which is about aesthetics), or Facebook (which is about friends), LinkedIn is truly all about business. But are you truly making the most of LinkedIn's potential?