How to Make the Most of Your Website Traffic

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online-house-cursorReal estate professionals that are marketing their business on websites, blogs, social networks and video hosting sites are going to want to track activity and make sure there’s a good ROI. If you haven’t set up aGoogle Analytics account, it’s easy to do, and it will teach you a lot about who’s coming to your real estate site, where they’re going and how long they’re staying.

Once you begin to look at your website stats, you might see that you’re getting a lot of web traffic that’s not converting into new clients or even listing inquiries. Here are some tips to make sure that all the traffic you get to your website does not go to waste.

1. Is there a visible call to action, such as “For more information, call me now!” What do you want visitors to your website to do? Do you want them to call you, or email you, or fill out a form? Are there any barriers to them taking this action? Maybe your contact information is not present on the page. Do they need to fish around to find your contact form? Make sure you’re easy to reach and leading with a visible call to action.

2. Is contact information readily available (and functional) such as phone, email, chat or a form? If not, can it be moved to a more prominent position or emphasized with more active colors or animation?

3. Is the layout and design consistent from one page to the next? Should a user navigate deeper into your site? Are key elements such as contact points, primary navigation, etc. presented in identical areas?

4. Is your information presented clearly? Is it clear why YOU are the expert in your field?

5. Are you using appealing images?

6. Does your content emphasize quality and trust? People will not give you their email address if they think you’re going to spam them or sell their email address to someone else. Contact info (email) is personal and valuable. Make sure they know you can be trusted with this information, and make sure they get something valuable in return for giving you their personal information.

7. Do you feature past customer reviews or testimonials? Can the information be presented in a more prominent position? Can your page be shared on social networks and RSS feeds?

8. On the whole, is your page free of clutter? Are there elements that can be (tested) and potentially removed?

Survey your site, make some of these changes and let us know how it goes. Let us know what works for you in our comments section.

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