Five Reasons to Visit and Buy in Miami

February 25, 2012

There are many reasons why U.S. and foreign tourists, real estate buyers, businesses, and celebrities are attracted to Miami and all that it offers. Here are fi ve of the top reasons that make Miami a global hotspot!

  1. Affordable Real Estate - The local market offers record affordability, amenities, and seller incentives. In Miami, affordability has improved approximately 50% since the housing boom. While dwindling supply has already resulted in price appreciation, homes are still affordable, especially compared to other worldclass cities. The weak U.S. dollar results in even further discounts for foreign buyers.
  2. Top Market for International Buyers a Florida is by far the top state in the U.S. for international buyers. Miami is expected to continue to outperform other U.S. markets long into the future due to the impact of foreign buyers and investors.
  3. Enviable Weathera Miami is one of a few cities in the U.S. with a subtropical climate.Average temperature is 75F/23C and is never below 64F for any given month. The local sunshine and 84 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline make water sports and outdoor activities possible year-round.
  4. Lifestyle a Miami offers an exciting lifestyle with activities to suit everyone a young adults, families, baby boomers, retirees, celebrities, tourists, and visitors. There are museums, performing arts venues, art galleries, professional sports, and unlimited places to shop and savor cosmopolitan cuisine. Plus professionals who can serve consumers in their language of choice are commonplace.
  5. Global Business Center - There are more than 100 international consulates, trade offi ces and bi-national chambers of commerce in Miami-Dade County, where most global economic business sectors are represented, supporting the worldwide fl ow of goods and services. Financial and workforce training incentives are available to qualifi ed companies in Miami-Dade County, and there is no state or local income tax.

It's great to live, work, and play in Miami!

MIAMI Association of REALTORSA(R) ac

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