Census Bureau releases county-to-county relocation stats

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WASHINGTON a March 28, 2012 a The U.S. Census Bureau today released estimates from the American Community Survey showing how many people migrated from one specific county to another during the course of a year a the first such numbers published since the 2000 Census.

Miami-Dade ranked fifth in number of county-to-county moves nationally a and most households moved next door to Broward County.
The 2005-2009 American Community Survey County-to-County Migration Files show both ainflowsa and aoutflows.a Inflows are the number of people living in a given county who lived in another county one year earlier; outflows represent the number of people who lived in a particular county one year earlier who subsequently moved to another county.
Of the 48.1 million people who moved in the United States one year earlier, 17.7 million went to a different county, so slightly over one-third of all movers crossed at least one county line.
Maricopa, Ariz., had the largest number of inflows of people for any single county in the nation. People moved there from 993 different counties. However, Maricopa also had the greatest number of people moving out to many locations, sending former residents to a total of 1,156 counties. This means that individuals leaving Maricopa were more dispersed throughout the country than individuals leaving any other county.
All in all, the most common county-to-county moves nationally were from Los Angeles to San Bernardino, Calif. (48,456 people) and Los Angeles to Orange, Calif. (41,612). Los Angeles to Riverside, Calif. (29,710); Orange, Calif., to Los Angeles (29,345); and Miami-Dade to Broward, Fla. (27,010).
To see the Census Bureauas original charts a most in Excel format a visit Census.gov.

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