Top 10 Articles by Harper Thorpe in 2011

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We noticed that some of the bloggers we follow have been publishing aTop 10a lists. And we loved them! So we decided to do this for some of our regular contributors. Right now, letas focus on Harper Thorpe of CoreLogic. These are in no particular order:

1) Real Estate Technology: Future of Tech in the Brokerage
There is plenty of change happening in real estate. The storied days of old when the broker was the center of the universe for a real estate agent seems to have diminished. Today, brokers must bring new tools to the business in order to continue to lead agents. In addition to traditional skills, brokers must become knowledgeable about Real Estate CRM systems, lead management systems, and all forms of real estate internet marketing. 


2) Real Estate Technology: Typewriters Lead the Way
Around 1867, a man by the name of Christopher Latham Sholes started working on an invention that would change the world in many ways. The invention he was working on was called the Typewriter.


3) Customers Are Your Most Valued Assets
Many brokers struggle to recall that sales come from customers and that marketing is the sourcing and harvesting of those sales. Regardless of the number of transactions that your business processes each year, you are building your customer lists and creating an asset base important to your real estate marketing efforts.

4) Broker Management: What Is Your Stress Plan?
If you asked a room full of real estate brokers how they support agents in managing stress, what do you think the collective wisdom would be? Would you be surprised if some said the topic had not even crossed their minds? 


5) Real Estate Marketing: Sell a Customer For Life
You have heard it beforeait is the cornerstone of marketing wisdom. Retaining a current customer is easier and less costly than attracting a new one. Your current customers are the most important target audience for your marketing efforts. Your past customers are your most valued asset in your business. If you maintain trusted relationships with them, you never need to asella them again. They are araving fans.a They represent your longest-term business relationships, your highest dollar volume of purchases, and your highest percentage of your unit volume. 


6) Real Estate Websites: Publish More Than Just Listings
One too common issue with broker websites is they concentrate on delivering listing information to consumers and donat give enough attention to the other important components of delivering real estate services to consumers. 


7) Real Estate Sales: How To Get An aA+a In Building Client Trust
Shadow inventory, distressed properties, and volatile marketsaall reasons that Real Estate buyers can feel uncertain about their decision to purchase a particular property, in a specific neighborhood, or anything at all. Your Agents have their fingers on the pulse of their markets, but how do they instill confidence in their clients that they are making a sound buying decision and trust their Real Estate Agent is providing knowledgeable market advice? 

8) Three Pillars of Marketing Success - Pt. 1
Real Estate is part of the largest segment of our economy, the service industry. The service industry views three distinct pillars of success: customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer margin. The most successful Real Estate brokers and office managers also focus on these three components.

9) Three Pillars of Marketing Success - Pt. 2
In the first article in this series, we focused on Customer Acquisition. Here we will discuss Customer Retention.

10) Three Pillars of Marketing Success - Pt. 3
In the first article in this series, we focused on Customer Acquisition. The second article in the series explored ideas for improving Customer Retention. Here we will discuss Customer Margin strategies.

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