5 Resolutions I Wish Facebook Users Would Make in the New Year

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Facebook Rules from Nik Nik

By Nicole Nicolay on her MyTechOpinion Blog: Youare clearly here because you care about your Facebook friends. You want to listen, learn from, help and contribute! I like you already! So brush up on your Facebook abest practicesa and make these 5 resolutions to improve your Facebook engagement (if you havenat already).

(1)   No more whining about the timelinea|just accept it already. We all know Facebook makes changes, so get used to them.  HOW we share will always evolvea|but WHAT we share is specific to who we are. Itas time to take responsibility for the communication tool we find so helpfula|and so fun!

(2)   Stop sharing images with words on thema|especially when theyave been shared 14 other times in your network already. Instead, use the status bar and text, or your own photos to illustrate your thoughts, comical ideas, or motivational phrases.

(3)   Donat encourage bad behavior. If you donat like how someone continually asks for alikesa then donat like the post already. If you think its lame when people ask really cheesy questionsa|then donat eat the brie. But remember you are on Facebook to be social, right?! So own your interactionsa|and engage in a way that feels comfortable to you.

(4)   Stop overposting!!! You know who you are. And we are tired of your 15 posts a day. Itas annoyinga|if we want to see you that much weall call you and meet for coffee. Blocking and unfriending happens.

(5)   Be original. Be who you area|nothing more, nothing less.  Share what you are truly passionate about when it comes to work, to family, to kids, to life. Know that most of us enjoy a balance of posts that reflect your interests and yes, your professional life too. BUT rather than offering up self-serving quotations from Brainy Smurfa|.reallya|I mean, REALLYa|think about how you can help others in the New Year.  And stop trying to make everyone happya|you canat. Focus on your niche expertise.

MyTechOpinion: Pause before you post. (I did, really.) But once you commita|be ready to ROCK it!

To view the original article, visit MyTechOpinion.com.

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