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Meerkat for Real Estate

p2_meerkatHave you heard about Meerkat?

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Your Business Plan Should Be a Strategic Spring Board, Not a Dynamic Anchor

whiteboard-mapToday's real estate industry is awash in new strategies. Franchises, brokerages, Multiple Listing Services and professional associations are all using "strategic" as their new magic word.

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Writing Advice for Real Estate Professionals: Drop the Acronyms

lwolf_drop-acronymsThis is a big one for real estate professionals. Within and surrounding the real estate industry are a variety of meaningful phrases and designations that have been compacted into acronyms for convenience.

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Want to stay relevant? You need a kick in the pants.

Hire a Chief Millennial Officer

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The Jaded Consumer

pcms_jadedconsumerThere are three general areas where a consumer might get frustrated, and yes... jaded.

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Driving Management Collaboration

changeAs the industry continues though its winter and spring conference season a number of evolving concepts have become increasingly clear.