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Prompt Decision for Qualification of Short Sale Act of 2010

NAR just posted a press release about the new legislation for short sales. Please visit the following link for the full story:

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Back To School - Backpack Safety

Choosing and Wearing a Backpack Correctly

Oh my aching back, itas back to school! Over 40 million students carry a backpack to school each day. Carrying a backpack to school every day may seem harmless, but it can cause back and neck problems for students. Some students do not wear their backpacks properly, while others carry too heavy of a load.

Here are some safety tips to help prevent backpack injuries;

ac Always use both shoulder straps
ac Tighten the straps
ac Pack light
ac Lift properly
ac Build muscle strength

Choose the Right Backpack by looking for these features;

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The economy is hurting. Home sales in many markets remain sluggish. Uncertainty abounds. In this kind of environment, itas easy to get discouraged. But thereas no reason you have to stay that way, says Jon Gordon, author of The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work (Wiley, 2008). Hereas Gordonas advice on how to come out ahead in this tough market.

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Fannie Mae Secret Shopper Program Expanded | REO Listings Agents Being Fired

We just read this article on the internet and had to share with everyone. This is a very serious problem here in South Florida and we wish all asset management companies would follow the example of Green River Capital! You can see the full article here:
Thanks to aREO Listing Agent Xa for sending us this recent email from Green River Capital. Hats off to GRC for cracking down on the less than professional and ethical REO listing agents.

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Keeping in Touch with Past Clients

Technology has really changed the way we do business today. We all enjoy the way it has simplified our business, but sometimes we need to go back to good old fashioned conversation.

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Short Sale Tip #1 - Do you qualify for a ashort salea of your home? Tip #1 a Write down all the reasons you need to sell your home, this is your ahardshipa letter! Contact me for a sample letter. For Roger Portaro call 954-275-3100 or Susan Green at 786-443-8780.

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Replace Old Toilet And Get a $100 Rebate

Broward County Florida Water & Wastewater Services
Toilet Rebate Program

Replace old toilets with low flow WaterSense toilet and get a $100 Account Credit!

How do I participate in this toilet rebate program?

1. Must have an active, residential utility account with Broward County Water & Wastewater Services.

2. Buy and install EPA-approved WaterSense labeled toilet (check EPA website at

3. Obtain, complete and submit a WWS Toilet Rebate Application package (available online at

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ac Keep your house and your property in good condition and repair and cooperate with your broker to show it to potential buyers.

ac Possibly, make a partial mortgage payment by the first of each month until your house is sold and title is transferred. These payments do not constitute a modification of your mortgage.

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Options During Flood Insurance Hiatus

Options during flood insurance hiatus

Should a buyer not secure flood insurance on time, closing is still possible if the buyer aassumesa the selleras existing flood insurance policy. For this to work, the seller must have coverage and be willing to transfer it. More info:

In addition, a handful of private companies also offer flood insurance not backed by NFIP, such as Lloyd's of London, Chubb and AIG. However, these companies issue only a limited number of policies and, without federal backing, it can be expensive.