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Best of 2015: 11 Tips For Acing Your Listing Presentation

We're continuing an annual tradition of counting down our top 10 articles of the year. The following article was originally published back in May and is #5 in our countdown. 

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    6 Signs You Belong in the Real Estate Industry

    ixact_belong-in-real-estate-industryBeing a REALTOR® takes a certain kind of person. It's not a profession meant for everyone. You have to be hard-working. You have to be motivated.

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    5 Down Payment Myths Debunked - Infographic

    The latest data from the Down Payment Resource Homeownership Program Index debunks 5 common myths about down payments and programs. Find all the data and state-by-state breakouts in the infographic below.

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    Holiday Card Do's and Don'ts

    HDC-Holiday-Card-Blog-2343-1024x512Have you ever received a holiday card that just made you cringe?

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    Essential Keys to Successfully List a House


    Have a great listing that you can't wait to market? How you present that property is crucial to your success.

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    Stop Buying Technology!

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    The Future is Now: Thought Leadership from Two of Inman's Top 101

    futureIf you read RE Technology regularly, you're sure to have seen the name "WAV Group" pop up more than a few times. Its founding partners, Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund, are also the founders of RE Technology and the dominant voice on our agent and broker channels.

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    Is There a Hidden Downside to Lead Generation?