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We love MongoFax a and understand that you do too!   If you arenat familiar yet with this tool, hereas how it works.


Maria is your client and is awaiting one more document before you can move forward with your transaction.  She is in front of her computer, but has no fax machine.  You tell her, No Problem!  You can email her the document.  You go to MongoFax, type in her email address, then your email address, and print the cover sheet.    You
fax the cover sheet and the document to the toll-free number listed on
the cover sheet, and Mongo-Magic occursa| your document is converted to
a PDF file and will arrive in Mariaas email Inbox.  She can easily open it, view it and print it.


Ah, technology a donat we love it!?


Frequent users of MongoFax will have noticed that the means to access has recently changed.  In order to protect this valuable service as one of the Exclusive Member-Only tools, access is granted behind your log in to your MyRAMB account.


Go to and log in to MyRAMB.  Youall find MongoFax listed as one of the many Premium Services you receive free with your RAMB Membership.


RAMB a Weare Here For You!

If you would like more information about this or any of our Premium Services, please contact me!

Katherine Chelius ac Direct Line 305.468.7008 ac



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